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Spacey Tracy's products originated out of her kitchen more than a decade ago as gifts to her friends and local taverns. The word spread and the rest is history! Today Spacey Tracy's offers a host wonderful pickled products and her famous Deep Fried Pickles.

Cosmic Garlicky Dill Pickles Hot & Spicy Garilcky Dill Pickles
Sweet Sunshine Pickles Sweet & Spicy Sunshine Pickles
Pickled Peppers Pickled Green Tomatoes
Dilly Carrots Old Tavern Pickled Eggs
Hudson Valley Mix Horse Radish Dill Pickles
Papa Wyant's Olive Spread Pickled Garlic
Coming Soon!
Gardenia Mix Spacey Tracy's Unique Jellies

For something truly out of this world, try Spacey Tracy's mouthwatering Deep Fried Pickles. Delicious on their own, irresistible served with our homemade dipping sauces.

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